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We believe that now is the time for the United Kingdom to reform its benefit system and to base it on a Universal Basic Income (also known as a Citizen’s Income).

Universal Basic Income would provide financial security for all, so that everyone has the resources they need to fulfil their potential. We urge others to express support for the principle of a Basic Income with the aim of making it an issue in the next General Election. Basic Income is a regular payment made to every individual, not means tested, non-withdrawable and without work conditions. It would :    

  • Guarantee everyone a secure base which ensures that work always pays    
  • Replace the complex benefits system with a scheme fit for the 21st century
  • Provide us all, including people who need extra income related to sickness, disability and housing, with the freedom to develop and contribute our talents, and the dignity we all deserve.

With your support we can press politicians to back this idea and make it a key campaign issue at the next General election.

If you agree with us please endorse the above statement and we would also love to hear why you support a basic income.


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  • endorsed 2017-06-28 08:36:28 +0100
    The time has been met, uk needs to do this or we will be leeft behind, the so called ;iving wage isn’t working as it shold have, UBi should bridge the gap between living wage and basic right to a income no matter if your rich, middle class, working class or poor, it’s time people step up and change, automation coming fast, the job that i do currently has a lot of machines taking over the jobs we used to do, instead of us enjoying life, we’re doing slave labour jobs
  • endorsed 2017-06-27 17:30:41 +0100
  • endorsed 2017-06-24 14:04:36 +0100
    It is due
  • endorsed 2017-06-24 14:04:32 +0100
    It is due
  • endorsed 2017-06-23 17:11:42 +0100
    A fairer and more productive society that will give people the option to choose their own work. I think UBI will free minds to focus on great ideas, moving society forward.
  • endorsed 2017-06-23 11:30:40 +0100
    After 35 years of working hard to develop services for some of societies most marginalised individuals. I have had to go on sick due to a lifelong MH difficulty. I feel like the lowest of love due to the demonization of welfare recievers .despite years of paying £800 a month in contributions. The world is changing we need reform. I also believe this system will greatly improve the lives of our most vulnerable. Allowing them to engage with support and become reconnected within Thier communities without the worry of being penalised.
  • endorsed 2017-06-22 18:20:24 +0100
    It would bring about a far fairer society, where every citizen would have the opportunity and means to choose their own path in life.
  • endorsed 2017-06-22 18:11:30 +0100
    It will help people get out of povety.
  • endorsed 2017-06-22 16:14:00 +0100
    Its the right thing to do. Simples
  • endorsed 2017-06-22 13:38:00 +0100
    I am stuck in a system where my family would be worse off if I were to work. Because of this I feel trapped in poverty with no hope if escape. A basic income would enable me to work, pay childcare and provide a better future for my son.
  • endorsed 2017-06-22 11:51:03 +0100
  • endorsed 2017-06-21 02:55:24 +0100
    It is an absolute necessity for the upcoming technological revolution which will see millions put out of work.
  • endorsed 2017-06-20 20:49:14 +0100
    It would be a huge boost to the economy!

    If you gave people money they would spend it. That would create jobs and generate taxes. I bet every pound distributed would pay itself back to the government within a few years.
  • endorsed 2017-06-20 15:10:15 +0100
    Because it is clear that it is the only way forward for a decent society for all in the 21st century, particularly when so many jobs will disappear due to automation
  • endorsed 2017-06-20 10:59:36 +0100
    Lower admin costs and ensures people get what they need without having to deal with Universal Credit forms etc.
  • endorsed 2017-06-19 10:15:47 +0100
    I believe it makes economic sense i.e. in dealing with poverty but, more importantly, it would serve the mental and physical wellbeing of society.
  • endorsed 2017-06-19 05:51:17 +0100
    Financial Independence
  • posted about this on Facebook 2017-06-18 23:28:36 +0100
    I'm endorsing Basic Income UK's statement. Please join me!
  • endorsed 2017-06-18 23:28:02 +0100
    Equality for all human beings and end modern day slavery of having to work to live on essentially a free planet !

    Humans are the only creatures on earth who have to pay to live on it!

  • endorsed 2017-06-17 15:52:59 +0100
    No one should be in work poor, unable to achieve their potential.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2017-06-17 02:13:20 +0100
    Take a look guys its a step into the right direction for our future generations
  • endorsed 2017-06-17 02:09:57 +0100
    This is something that will help everyone, but more importantly its about helping our future generations, for so long all the human race has concerned itself with is the individual and what’s happening in the present and thier own current generation. We need to start looking to the future and setting up those generations, not just the next one but the next 10, next 100, 1000. Just think what we are achieving with all of the problems we have in our society and the way our lives are governed. Now just think what the human race can achieve if we have solved most of thier current issues, just think how many more minds we could apply to science’s and future engineering and technologies, instead of the general population working to survive and better thier neighbours.

    Basic universal income will not provide the answers or solve all of the issues, but it is a big step in the right direction.
  • endorsed 2017-06-14 15:01:43 +0100
    It’s the right think to do
  • endorsed 2017-06-12 20:16:01 +0100
    To reduce the inequality and poverty that exists within society.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2017-06-12 20:15:40 +0100
    I'm endorsing Basic Income UK's statement. Please join me!
  • endorsed 2017-06-11 23:11:06 +0100
  • endorsed 2017-06-11 22:07:15 +0100
    We have the wealth and means to do this, it’s a crucial building block towards a better future we all know is totally possible.
  • endorsed 2017-06-11 07:55:02 +0100
  • posted about this on Facebook 2017-06-10 12:32:48 +0100
    I'm endorsing Basic Income UK's statement. Please join me!
  • @ward_barry tweeted link to this page. 2017-06-10 12:32:46 +0100
    I'm endorsing Basic Income UK's statement. Please join me! http://www.basicincome.org.uk/?recruiter_id=5567

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