Big Data and Proxy living mean Basic Income is unavoidable

So, we've most of us heard of 'Big Data,' a situation where things like your fridge will be able to provide useful and valuable data to producers and supermarkets. But Proxy living? Yes, Proxy Living is already spreading its electrical tentacles into our lives. Automation is already doing much for us, but it will soon impinge on our ordinary lives in a big way. Taking care of menial things will include the robots managing your diet, it might analyse your food purchases, plan meals and order food for you. It won't be too long before a robot cooks it for you. Automation has its benefits and some include taking the rubbish out of your life and having something else manage it. Automation is meaning that menial jobs are disappearing, to the degree that many of us will have no alternative than to rely on a basic income. But this is no bad thing. It will offer us opportunities. Perhaps for a time. With seasonal demands for deliveries, Amazon employs seasonal couriers, but automation is almost sidestepping this. Using driverless cars and drones, the capacity load is being filled by automation. Or it will be within 10 years. Automation may leave us with an opportunity to really get a lot from life without undue pressures. Not everyone will be jobless, but many will be free to work if they can find work or start businesses where opportunities present themselves. The question is where are humans ultimately going as a species? Perhaps becoming part biological /mechanical entities. We must not delay in bringing in Basic Income, time is running out and the robots are on the move. I am not against automation, we must however manage it and its integration, properly. To do nothing is not an option. The government cannot afford to sit on its hands and do nothing.

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  • Matt Sanders
    published this page in Your suggestions 2016-12-25 13:13:13 +0000

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