Leaflet the DWP offices and their clients?

The DWP is seemingly oblivious to the fact that our benefits system is out of date and due for reform. The problem for them is that many of their offices are located in historically Labour voting heartlands and the fear of job losses will put many off from supporting the Basic Income cause. A mistake as it will benefit everyone. In my experience being jobless over the last year, is that DWP staff DO NOT WANT TO HEAR about Basic Income. They have no solutions to the problems or real answers to my questions from the real world and they often get heated when they try and snow me by saying the benefits they pay out is 'their money.' It is not, it comes from taxes we pay, it is our money we have paid in for years. Since 2009 and the big financial crash, I have been looking at the jobs market in depth and it is not a good place. Apart from the occasional upward blip in fortune, the market is not a good place. Automation is taking jobs silently, lean management is cutting back to the point there is no lean left, the DWP job coaches adopt a 'take any job' approach. This is not the answer. This is ridiculous, because this 'take any job' impacts on the people lower down the jobs food chain. The highly skilled are becoming under skilled and take jobs from the lower skilled. We are going backwards. The situation is coming to the point that for many people their backs are against the wall and there is no room for further retrenchment. The DWP must know its days are numbered as the dinosaur that it is trudges slowly to oblivion. The problem is it is trying to be an employment agency which it isn't. It tries to provide work placements which are in the main CV filler and of no real use to clients. They can't provide what we really need in this age: real work experience which might get us new jobs or the skills and training to do so. Some of us might want software and skills training that we cannot afford on our own, but companies have this capacity, yet because of Lean, we can't get access to this. I have contacted over 100 companies with my CV on speculative approaches. No one is interested. They are all cut back staff and work capacity-wise that they cannot afford to supervise people, so we have a classic catch 22 situation. Providing tick box job club type situations is no use to people like me with 20 plus years in business who have been there and done it. It is merely reinventing the wheel. Basic Income will address all these issues and help us boost the economy and cut carers costs, provide better health to the nation from less stressed individuals, produce a better, healthier, happier population that can start its own small business ventures with the safety net of the BI payment. We now have the Internet as a tool to empower our lives and create opportunities which we did not have about 30 years ago when the current DWP model was devised. It is being advised itself apparently by advisors who have not been in the real world of job seeking. We need to pay £15,000 tax free to everyone over 16 who is a British Citizen and has a social security number. We need to allow the first £10,000 of paid income for everyone tax free also. This will feed back into the economy from people spending or investing. This will help create jobs and wealth. The alternative is a nation of which half the workforce are impoverished and have to live on £317 a month. What a disaster this would be. It is time we hooked all the rank amateurs out of government and replaced them with professionals who know what the hell they are doing. Like or loathe Donald Trump, he understands how to run a company, create jobs and wealth. If he can apply business practices to running a country, it will be a start. When did Job Coaches last have to look for work or see that the job you are applying for has already had 97 applicants? The DWP is out of touch and not fit for purpose. It is past its sell by date. We must campaign the secretary of state and get Basic Income introduced as soon as possible.

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  • Matt Sanders
    published this page in Your suggestions 2016-12-23 17:43:17 +0000

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