Our mission

We believe that now is the time for the United Kingdom to reform its benefit system and to base it on a Universal Basic Income (also known as a Citizen’s Income).

Universal Basic Income would provide financial security for all, so that everyone has the resources they need to fulfil their potential. We urge others to express support for the principle of a Basic Income with the aim of making it an issue in the next General Election. Basic Income is a regular payment made to every individual, not means tested, non-withdrawable and without work conditions. It would :    

  • Guarantee everyone a secure base which ensures that work always pays    
  • Replace the complex benefits system with a scheme fit for the 21st century
  • Provide us all, including people who need extra income related to sickness, disability and housing, with the freedom to develop and contribute our talents, and the dignity we all deserve.

With your support we can press politicians to back this idea and make it a key campaign issue at the next General election.

If you agree with us please endorse the above statement and we would also love to hear why you support a basic income.


Who's endorsing

Beat Lowensberg
Tina Scotney
John Fitzpatrick
Jake Dovey
Ben Laws
Marcus Richardson
Russell Burridge
ayaz khan
Harriet Towey
Ray Sandiford
Daniel Hayes
Catherine Terrie
Bobby Khaleque
Matt Stevenson
Paul Gore
Ayo Odutayo
Richard terrell
Lee Edwards
Mark Perry
Saeeda Bukhari
Rose Young
Joyce Ireson
Gordon Brechin
Tania Goddard
Racha Ponsiel
Eva Moss
Leah Martin
Adam Annable
Richard Deutsch
Jamie Adams
1,646 endorsements
5,000 endorsements

Will you endorse?

  • Beat Lowensberg
    endorsed via 2018-06-11 19:38:35 +0100
    Sick to death of growing poverty.
  • Tina Scotney
    endorsed 2018-06-10 21:09:32 +0100
    It will encourage more creativity. Also it will give workers more flexibility.
  • John Fitzpatrick
    endorsed 2018-06-10 18:30:16 +0100
  • Jake Dovey
    endorsed 2018-06-07 11:30:13 +0100
    Emancipation from meaningless work and toxic workplaces. With UBI, people will no longer have to fear leaving a hateful job in case they can’t get another one straight away. Employers (like myself) will have to up their game in order to keep their staff.
  • Ben Laws
    endorsed 2018-06-07 11:28:40 +0100
    Fairness, redistributing wealth, societal health…
  • Marcus Richardson
    endorsed via 2018-06-07 01:51:31 +0100
    As a believer in meritocracy, a system such as Basic Income would allow those from less privileged poorer background to be able to fully utilize their talents. It would also provide a safety net for those that are between jobs, or sick or in education, or possible future situation where unemployment reaches an all-time high due to AI’s replacing humans in most jobs.
  • Russell Burridge
    endorsed 2018-06-06 23:52:37 +0100
    I am a workaholic. I know for a fact that if I had the basics covered, that would free me up for personal and social enterprise that would lead to creating more wealth. While I appreciate that many people will just get stones, eat Findus crispy pancakes and watch Jeremy Kyle all day long, many more of us would have the time, inclination and because of UBI, the money, to make the world a better place for ALL. Private and social enterprise would be unleashed like never before! The third sector would also benefit.
  • ayaz khan
    endorsed 2018-06-06 09:26:00 +0100
    really nice i feel proud to become of memeber basiconcome org thanks for make it happen https://www.funnyhappybirthdaymemes.com/good-morning-meme/
  • Harriet Towey
    endorsed 2018-06-06 07:01:44 +0100
    Believe it is the fairest most logical step forward.
  • Ray Sandiford
    endorsed 2018-06-05 09:02:16 +0100
    Being raised in a financially insecure household ruined my mental health, so I would like everyone to be free of this constant fear.
  • Daniel Hayes
    endorsed 2018-06-03 16:47:17 +0100
  • Catherine Terrie
    endorsed 2018-06-03 13:51:31 +0100
    You cannot have a truly free society while people are forced to struggle merely for the right to buy what they need, to survive. Most of us do not find the job that fully releases our skills and inspires our hearts; our jobs are therefore years of drudgery, doing whatever we must, to make money for employers with whom we are not in a position to make choices or bargains. UBI is a huge step towards a free and civilised society in which we can choose our work. Very few people, given the choice, will choose to do nothing. People will, instead, choose to work for themselves, or for others with whom they share goals and whom they respect; or they will spend their time caring for those they love, or studying to improve themselves. UBI will dramatically improve our quality of life, and our mental and physical health.
  • Bobby Khaleque
    endorsed 2018-05-31 18:17:39 +0100
  • Matt Stevenson
    endorsed 2018-05-31 12:44:46 +0100
  • Paul Gore
    endorsed 2018-05-31 01:01:19 +0100
    Equality, stability; encourage growth and personal development.
  • Ayo Odutayo
    endorsed 2018-05-28 20:11:21 +0100
    Every Briton should have the financial means to live, it will allow the creatives in our society to more free pursue their aspirations. When I say creative I don’t only mean musicians or artist etc. I mean entrepreneurs meaning more innovative products and services will be avalaible
  • Richard terrell
    endorsed 2018-05-27 22:34:13 +0100
    I think this is something that should happen. It should also be a thing. Hopefully in the future it is somehow accounted for.
  • Lee Edwards
    endorsed 2018-05-25 10:20:19 +0100
    I wish to endorse the idea of basic income to help put an end to poverty in the UK and to raise living and social standards in everyone’s lives
  • Mark Perry
    endorsed 2018-05-24 21:04:58 +0100
    To distribute wealth to every single person, particularly those that desperately need it.
  • Saeeda Bukhari
    endorsed 2018-05-24 20:07:04 +0100
    I need it.
  • Rose Young
    endorsed 2018-05-23 20:57:40 +0100
    to support those in need and the working poor
  • Joyce Ireson
    endorsed 2018-05-23 16:25:09 +0100
    Because of The disgustingly small state pension for uk & hopefully for an end to poverty & all the stress and anxiety in our Country today.
  • Gordon Brechin
    endorsed via 2018-05-22 17:56:39 +0100
  • Tania Goddard
    endorsed 2018-05-22 16:35:18 +0100
    A basic income would be much fairer and more appropriate in today’s United Kingdom. It would make benefit fraud a thing of the past, therefore saving the government money in the long term.
  • Racha Ponsiel
    endorsed 2018-05-22 14:47:26 +0100
    Sociology graduate
  • Eva Moss
    endorsed via 2018-05-22 10:35:49 +0100
    Basic Income could simultaneously repair many of the problems society is facing. The current system is not working & will not allow us to progress or deal with the coming effects of AI & automated jobs. UBI could change all that!
  • Leah Martin
    endorsed 2018-05-22 08:41:42 +0100
    I think it would be benefit all. I work with the tech industry and see that automation will take over thousands of jobs in the future. I also personally have missed educational opportunities and had to take jobs I didn’t want in order to survive. I see friends from richer backgrounds exceeding as they can take internships as they can work unpaid where as the majority cannot . I’ve seen creative minds loose interest as the struggle to work a minimum wage and still find the time to create and raise a family in the evening just to much.
  • Adam Annable
    endorsed 2018-05-22 00:18:03 +0100
    It would bring back a more level playing field between employees & employers, forcing them to not exploit, but to respect the Workforce. It could also see an end to the Agencies, putting them out of business for good and ensuring employers recruit direct and pay a fairer, proper day’s pay for a proper day’s work, as it once was in the 80’s,90’s & 2000’s before this government capitalised on the poor to look after the rich, and ensure no one goes without housing, food & heating, and proper resources.
  • Richard Deutsch
    endorsed 2018-05-21 02:24:46 +0100
    Because we should all benefit from the productivity gains of technology and no one should in today’s world should have to be food or housing insecure.
  • Jamie Adams
    endorsed 2018-05-20 21:31:54 +0100

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