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We believe that now is the time for the United Kingdom to reform its benefit system and to base it on a Universal Basic Income (also known as a Citizen’s Income).

Universal Basic Income would provide financial security for all, so that everyone has the resources they need to fulfil their potential. We urge others to express support for the principle of a Basic Income with the aim of making it an issue in the next General Election. Basic Income is a regular payment made to every individual, not means tested, non-withdrawable and without work conditions. It would :    

  • Guarantee everyone a secure base which ensures that work always pays    
  • Replace the complex benefits system with a scheme fit for the 21st century
  • Provide us all, including people who need extra income related to sickness, disability and housing, with the freedom to develop and contribute our talents, and the dignity we all deserve.

With your support we can press politicians to back this idea and make it a key campaign issue at the next General election.

If you agree with us please endorse the above statement and we would also love to hear why you support a basic income.


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  • posted about this on Facebook 2018-05-02 11:13:50 +0100
    I'm endorsing Basic Income UK's statement. Please join me!
  • endorsed 2018-05-02 11:11:26 +0100
    In a short period of time technology will have replaced the need for many jobs and it is absurd to hold a revolver to people’s heads and insist that we still cling on to an outdated notion that everyone

    must ‘work’ to survive – it is no longer true. A GBI would transform our society in the direction of justice, creativity and compassion; it would also simplify and clarify the complex welfare system.
  • endorsed 2018-04-30 16:57:22 +0100
    Promote equality and celebrate machine automation. Provide reliable income to individuals regardless of their circumstance or status. Reduce Gov’ts admin costs if it replaces PIP/JSA. Make it straight forward and easy for people to go into work after unemployment without a gap in financial support. Promote wealth redistribution.
  • endorsed 2018-04-30 16:25:38 +0100
    automation and a change in lifestyle and culture habits mean that universal income will suit a changing world.
  • endorsed 2018-04-30 14:47:50 +0100
    UBI will reduce the load on the NHS by reducing mental and physical illness relating to uncertainty, poverty, stress and overwork. It recognises the rights of every human to access the vital things they need to live, without having to face a cumbersome and cruel benefits system. It will allow for more creativity and ingenuity in society. Absolutely everyone stands to benefit.
  • endorsed 2018-04-29 22:40:58 +0100
  • endorsed 2018-04-29 19:15:53 +0100
  • endorsed 2018-04-29 14:51:50 +0100
    I could do the job I love without putting my home & mental health at risk
  • endorsed 2018-04-28 18:40:23 +0100
  • endorsed 2018-04-28 02:27:32 +0100
    The current benefits system is very complex and a lot of people suffer by not getting any help even when they deserve.
  • endorsed 2018-04-28 02:14:38 +0100
    UBI will be necessary in a world where automation causes mass unemployment for the capitalist system and society to survive.
  • endorsed 2018-04-26 21:12:48 +0100
  • endorsed 2018-04-26 17:14:11 +0100
    I believe this could be the correct way of addressing new way of life on earth
  • endorsed 2018-04-25 16:26:13 +0100
    Because the current means tested system, with payment rates that are grossly below what is needed to survive- let alone live- allows people no opportunity whatsoever to make something of their lives. You are, in effect, controlled and owned by the State- while also suffering stigma as a ( supposed ) parasite and drain on the taxpayer. UBI would resolve both of these issues: providing it was also sufficient to cover the needs of the sick and disabled
  • endorsed 2018-04-25 15:46:10 +0100
    To get rid of the tax credit system.And give people a chance to to have a comfortable lifestyle or the chance to retrain.
  • endorsed 2018-04-25 13:11:23 +0100
  • endorsed 2018-04-25 09:15:19 +0100
    The current benefits system is not fit for purpose
  • endorsed 2018-04-24 13:41:47 +0100
    I believe it promotes fairness, a better quality of life, removes the ‘benefit trap’, incentives learning & development.

    I think it’s also essential in providing a much needed safety net against the threat of mass unemployment that automation will bring for many.
  • endorsed 2018-04-24 12:41:53 +0100
    The present benefits system is deeply flawed
  • endorsed 2018-04-24 11:01:45 +0100
    To build a new sustainable economic model that empowers all individuals and communities to make their own life choices and achieve their full potential.
  • endorsed 2018-04-24 07:50:13 +0100
    Help people realise their full potential, free from the struggle for mere survival.
  • endorsed 2018-04-23 20:30:42 +0100
  • endorsed 2018-04-22 23:17:04 +0100
    Believe it will lead to a fairer society.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2018-04-22 07:23:22 +0100
    I'm endorsing Basic Income UK's statement. Please join me!
  • endorsed 2018-04-22 07:20:59 +0100
    I have been reading a lot around this issue and it makes complete sense. I have huge fears for the future of my 2 children, both of whom have differing special needs, under the current system. UBI would allow me to enjoy their childhoods and help them fulfil their personal potential without constantly worrying about how they will survive as adults and forcing them to compete in this ‘survival of the fittest’ when they are just not the fittest.
  • endorsed 2018-04-19 13:29:15 +0100
    With automation coming in we will see fewer and fewer jobs, not only that the NHS is crippled due the amount of ill health which i believe due to long working hours are major factor in stress related illness and obesity.
  • endorsed 2018-04-19 08:09:19 +0100
    every piece of evidence we have says we need one. It gives people a base to fall back on.
  • endorsed 2018-04-19 06:35:11 +0100
    To stoo the weast of talant and make a better world
  • endorsed 2018-04-18 10:20:46 +0100
  • posted about this on Facebook 2018-04-17 23:13:12 +0100
    I'm endorsing Basic Income UK's statement. Please join me!

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