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We believe that now is the time for the United Kingdom to reform its benefit system and to base it on a Universal Basic Income (also known as a Citizen’s Income).

Universal Basic Income would provide financial security for all, so that everyone has the resources they need to fulfil their potential. We urge others to express support for the principle of a Basic Income with the aim of making it an issue in the next General Election. Basic Income is a regular payment made to every individual, not means tested, non-withdrawable and without work conditions. It would :    

  • Guarantee everyone a secure base which ensures that work always pays    
  • Replace the complex benefits system with a scheme fit for the 21st century
  • Provide us all, including people who need extra income related to sickness, disability and housing, with the freedom to develop and contribute our talents, and the dignity we all deserve.

With your support we can press politicians to back this idea and make it a key campaign issue at the next General election.

If you agree with us please endorse the above statement and we would also love to hear why you support a basic income.


Who's endorsing

1,355 endorsements
5,000 endorsements

Will you endorse?

  • endorsed 2018-02-01 21:45:16 +0000
    I support equality
  • endorsed 2018-02-01 16:02:29 +0000
    I feel that it can lead to a healthier, more stable society where judgement isn’t clouded by desperation and greed is kept at bay.
  • endorsed 2018-01-31 08:41:32 +0000
  • endorsed 2018-01-29 09:47:37 +0000
    It will mean a fairer and just society and enable people to be more involved in society eg undertaking more voluntary work, whilst improving the general health of people – mental and physical
  • endorsed via 2018-01-28 23:31:58 +0000
    Because this would end the currently unfair assessments to prove entitlement, and reward those who also manage to earn when they can.
  • endorsed 2018-01-28 14:24:26 +0000
    Because it allows you to work anytime you can.its flexible.meaning if your taken ill.instead of getting fired.you can wait till your better before returning to work to early which could make you I’ll again it’s flexability. Is very appealing to me.also no sanctions that is forward thinking
  • endorsed via 2018-01-28 08:37:28 +0000
    Because it’s decency fairness equality
  • endorsed via 2018-01-27 19:59:47 +0000
    The AI technological revolution will wipe out both working and middle class jobs thus the choice will be between (1) collapse of society and (2) Universal Basic Income.
  • endorsed 2018-01-27 13:35:11 +0000
  • endorsed 2018-01-27 00:37:39 +0000
  • endorsed 2018-01-26 12:29:38 +0000
  • endorsed 2018-01-25 14:45:47 +0000
    Makes a lot of sense and would allow people to fulfill their potential.
  • endorsed 2018-01-25 11:12:47 +0000
    It is the best solution to the poverty trap and to the future if work.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2018-01-24 16:31:12 +0000
    I'm endorsing Basic Income UK's statement. Please join me!
  • endorsed 2018-01-24 16:30:19 +0000
  • endorsed 2018-01-24 14:48:47 +0000
    Because it makes sense!
  • posted about this on Facebook 2018-01-22 22:37:24 +0000
    I'm endorsing Basic Income UK's statement. Please join me!
  • endorsed 2018-01-22 22:35:56 +0000
  • endorsed 2018-01-22 21:14:03 +0000
    Humanity’s moral strength comes from supporting the unable and enabling equality.
  • endorsed 2018-01-22 19:29:51 +0000
    I believe it would enable people to live the life they choose to instead of just surviving day to day.
  • endorsed 2018-01-21 23:43:25 +0000
    Brilliant idea.
  • endorsed 2018-01-21 15:00:11 +0000
    I amd a psychologist workingwithin the ‘homelessness’ field. I believe housing is a human right and that most effective psychological interviention for homelessness is the universal basic income .
  • endorsed 2018-01-21 01:18:06 +0000
  • endorsed 2018-01-20 12:14:42 +0000
    I think it’s a great idea that will help in a thousand ways
  • endorsed 2018-01-20 06:07:23 +0000
    need a stepping stone to a life worth living
  • endorsed 2018-01-20 02:01:44 +0000
  • endorsed 2018-01-17 15:47:02 +0000
    As a stay at home Mum, my husband has to support the family financially on his own. Currently if I were to work even part time it would cost me too much in childcare and so it is not cost effective (but as you can imagine puts a lot of pressure on my husband) also the sort of work I would be doing would be quite low paid. If we all had a universal basic income my husband could spend more time with me and the children and I would be able to work part time if I wanted to.
  • endorsed 2018-01-17 13:32:05 +0000
    High cost of living, low wages and inflation makes surving on your wage extremely difficult
  • endorsed 2018-01-17 08:00:17 +0000
    I believe that we need to implement a basic income policy as it makes sense economically to provide a kind of safety net. Those on low incomes are given extra financial security, and those earning higher can either spend this, giving the economy a boost or provide for pensions etc.
  • endorsed 2018-01-15 20:33:40 +0000
    Equality. Human rights. Female empowerment. Environmental relief. Labour rights. Love.

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