Tory tax cuts to take minimum-wage earners back to 2010

UK Prime Minister David Cameron, on the pre-election campaign trail, has vowed he will do away with taxes for some minimum-wage earners, by increasing the amount that everybody can take home tax-free, in a scenario that, at first blush, looks a lot like basic income.

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Public bears cost of boom bust cycle in Detroit


It’s hard to picture that London, with its booming industry in professional services, could ever face the same fate as the US city of Detroit. The majority of London’s employed population (82%) works in the professional services (e.g. bankers, solicitors, accountants) and the financial sector employs one in every three such workers. And thankfully the financial sector doesn’t ever collapse.

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Basic Income UK takes part in UBI Week 2014


During a week of talks that gathered people in 10 different European countries organised by advocacy group Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN),  a new UK activist cell called UK Basic Income met on September 16th to announce it’s mission statement.

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UK social services are removing senior washing, ADASS warns

The UK’s weakest adults have been dealt a blow by budget cuts as councils strip adult care services to their bare bones, a national association of adult careers has found.

Some disabled adults and seniors lacking the ability to wash themselves are having to tough it out, reported BBC’s programme, 5 Live investigates.

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Alaskans now getting 13% of subsistence met by basic income


Everybody in the oil-rich US state of Alaska will get double their annual Basic Income when they receive their 2014 checks of $1,800 “give or take $100.” The chunky state handout may double, officials say, jumping from 7% to 13% of minimum wage income in the state, but still falls far below subsistence.


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UBI, Power Relations and Housing Problems


This article considers the relation between basic income, questions of housing and issues of access to land.

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Happiness is Coca Cola apparently


You do not need to adjust your computers. The following video is not parody. It comes straight from the black soul of capitalism without filter or irony.

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“Who?” and “How?” – What the public thinks of a Basic Income


A survey on basic income conducted by the Sheffield Equality Group concludes public support for a Basic Income has the potential to be strong

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A World Without Work


What would a world without “work” –  those scare quotes are important  – really look like? The following is openly utopian – hopefully in the best possible sense of that word – but its inspiration essentially boils down to the maximization of time and the minimization of worry. I assume a lot and there are certainly gaps, practical and otherwise, that I do not address. However, it is hoped these will be excused and that the whole thing is treated as, at worst, an indulgence in optimism.

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Het Goeie Leven‏ (The Good Life)


Today Cinqo and the Association for Basic Income in the Netherlands release the music video ‘Het Goeie Leven’ (The Good Life) by Dutch artists Pharao and Yara.

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