Joining the Dots


With all this talk of millions turning to food banks and the real employment problem that remains behind the superficially rosy picture, why aren’t the dots being joined

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A Necessary marriage: Trade Unions & Basic Income


Unless trade unions start considering proposals like basic income, they risk condemning themselves to irrelevance.

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Overview of Basic Income – Another Angry Voice


This has been reprinted with kind permission from Another Angry Voice and is available (along with a great many other interesting articles) here. It has excellent introduction to some of the arguments in favour of Basic Income and some of the challenges that confront it at both the levels of principle and practicality.

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Documentary: ‘Basic Income, a Cultural Impulse’


This film-essay by Daniel Häni and Enno Schmidt (2008) that introduces the idea of an unconditional basic income.

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Open Letter to ‘Benefits Officer’


The following is a letter me and my friend “Steven” wrote after having received notice from the council that both his Job Seeker’s Allowance and Housing Benefits were being stopped.

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Citizen Income: Potential Ways Forward


On March 4th, there was held an, interesting and timely debate on  basic/citizen’s income. The event, chaired by Labour MP John McDonnell, is part of a wider series of events that form part of a People’s Parliament designed to reconnect citizens with the political process. The speakers were Malcolm Torry, author of ‘Money for Everyone‘; Natalie Bennett, leader of the UK Green Party; and Guy Standing, author of ‘The Precariat‘ and long-time champion of basic income.

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Speech at ‘Poverty is Political’, Green Party conference 1 March 2014


(Cartoon credit: Stephanie McMillan 2011

The following is a transcription of a speech Barb Jacobson gave at the Green Party Conference in Liverpool, on 1st March, 2014.

Barb Jacobson, Basic Income UK

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How To Fund A Universal Basic Income (Without Scaring The Horses)


Everything that I’ve read about universal basic income (UBI) suggests that its champions have come to the idea while searching for ways to overcome poverty or promote social justice and, having discovered the appeal of UBI, then look around for ways in which it can be funded. I appear to be unusual in arriving at UBI from a completely different direction.

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285,042 European citizens want the EC to consider basic income


The European Citizens Initiative (ECI)1 for Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)2 officially ended on Tuesday January 14th 23.59pm, after collecting at least 285,042 statements of support from EU citizens in 28 countries.3 However, it did not succeed in collecting the one million signatures which would have obliged the European Commission (EC) to consider UBI as a new form of ‘emancipatory welfare’.

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Social security without the surveillance


This past year has been the one when it finally came out in the open that we’re all under surveillance – on the internet, on the phone – 24 hours a day.

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