Unconditional Street


Channel 4 are facing criticism for their new TV series Benefits Street. Before the show was even aired the participants were complaining that they had been misled over the nature of the show and how they were portrayed. When the show was aired there was a flurry of death threats to the participants on twitter and the police were inundated with calls from the public over the lawbreaking depicted.

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Nothing to live for


An unconditional basic income could help reignite hope in a large group of young people’s lives who feel they have nothing to live for.

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32 Members of European Parliament support the ECI for UBI!


Thirty-two Members of the European Parliament from twelve countries have issued a joint statement expressing their support for the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) for Unconditional Basic Income. This calls upon the European Commission to assess the idea of reforming current national social security arrangements towards an unconditional basic income (UBI)

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A Return to Full Employment?


Will we ever have full employment again? I think it is pretty unlikely for a number of reasons. The most controversial reason harks back to an observation by Karl Marx that the capitalist society requires a reserve army of unemployed to provide cheap labour.

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Basic Income for Students


Many years ago students used to get a grant from the government to study at university. It was seen as an investment in our future. Grants quickly went by the wayside and were replaced with student loans.

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Gekko Politics


We can all agree that inequalities in talents are a fact of life. What we do with those inequalities is another matter altogether. The idea that we should organize those inequalities for the good of the rich and/or talented is an entirely different argument.

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Paulo Rodrigues discusses the merits of a basic income for small business owners.


Paulo Rodrigues discusses the merits of a basic income for small business owners, those people often portrayed as the beating heart of the Conservative Party.  

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EU-wide basic income crowdfunding campaign gathers €15,000 in less than 48 hours


People from all over Europe have been campaigning on Facebook, tweeting and joining together outside job centres, universities and on picket-lines, trying to get signatures for the fast-approaching (14th Jan, 2014) European Initiative deadline. With the completion of this petition, the EU will be asked (democratically obliged!) to fund pilot studies and examine the feasibility of EU-wide Unconditional Basic Income schemes . More generally, it will become part of the growing conversation on human rights in the face of ever-growing inequality and the narratives of austerity and the purported absence of alternatives.

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What Brand for the Revolution?


What Brand for the Revolution?

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Why Reciprocity Might be Bullshit


Sometimes it is better not to reciprocate the efforts of others and do something else instead.

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