Referendum to be held in Switzerland on $2800/month BI!


A federal initiative for basic income in Switzerland has achieved to collect more than 125,000 signautres, hence opening the doors to a referendum in the coming years.

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Green Party proposes basic income model in Pre-Budget submission


The Irish Green Party has included a basic income into its pre-budget submission!

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The dangers and potentials of shared ground: A plea for caution


In this article Ben and Bert of Manchester Plan C discuss the potential dangers of the shared ground surrounding possible defences of a basic income. They argue that we should be careful to keep the more transformative potentials of basic income firmly in view.

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Basic Income is a human right! A report on the Demo in Berlin


On September 14th, Barb Jacobson attended this year’s Basic Income March in Berlin. The following is her take on what happened.

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UBI: A Necessary Part of Progress


Traditional left-wing politics cannot afford to ignore the radical transformative potential of an unconditional basic income.

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Stuart White: “A movement is not just a network of people sharing ideas”


An interview with prominent political theorist Stuart White in which he outlines the case for basic income.

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The High Costs of a Leaky Roof Society


Basic income is not a cost to be endured but as a wise investment for the future functioning of our societies.

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Three trends that will create a demand for basic income


Irish blogger Lui Smyth identifies three tendencies in our contemporary situation which makes a basic income a lively (and necessary) possibility: The decline of the middle class, the end of full employment and the rise of a non-market economy.

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Infeasibility: Not all it’s cracked up to be.


Impossible? Infeasible? We landed on the moon over 50 years ago… Is a basic income really that much harder than space travel!?

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Cyprus to implement a “guaranteed minimum income”


Last July 26th, Cyprus unveiled a plan for the implementation of a “guaranteed minimum income” by the summer of 2014. While the proposal looks attractive at first sight, it differs in many aspects to the idea of the universal basic income that we defend. Here is why.

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