CoVid 19 updates

We hope people are coping with the new conditions brought on by CoVid19. This crisis has brought on many calls for Universal Basic Income in the UK. Johnson said in answer to Ian Blackford at PMQs this week that an emergency basic income is 'under consideration'.

Press Release 23/3/2020 - Petition for #EmergencyBasic Income surpasses 100k!

Actions you can do at home

Share your own story about how a basic income would help you through this period and beyond. Huge props to The Basic Income Conversation (UBI Hub) for setting this up.

There is a petition to Parliament taking off which you can sign and share yourself. It was over 65k signatures at the time of writing this, let's get it over 100,000 to make sure this is debated! In addition 38 Degrees has done their own petition which is doing even better.

Kevin Brannan MP has put foward this Early Day Motion calling on the government to provide a basic income to freelancers and the self-employed during the outbreak. If your MP has not signed it yet, please write to them or contact them on social media asking them to do so. Remember that only back-benchers can sign EDMs, but if yours is on the front bench encourage them to encourage others! Also, if your MP has already signed it, please send them a thank you message.

It has been very heartening to see all the mutual aid groups springing up around the country for neighbours to help each other. If you haven't found yours yet, here is a UK-wide list of Covid19 mutual aid groups.

If you can, please consider a one-off or recurring donation so we can keep our website and other communication running.

Events announced in the last newsletter

Obviously the public health crisis is becoming worse by the day, and the public events announced in our last newsletter have been called off.

The London Basic Income Conversation meetup 23 March has been cancelled and they are looking at another date in late April/May (assuming things will calm down by then), we'll publicise the details in another newsletter.

The Brighton meeting 25 March will not go ahead as planned, but they are going to try getting people together on a Zoom call. Please still sign up on Eventbrite to get updates.

Stay well, stay indoors if you can. Basic income is looking closer than ever!

Barb, Richard, Becca, Hasanain, Karen

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