Our mission

We believe that now is the time for the United Kingdom to reform its benefit system and to base it on a Universal Basic Income (also known as a Citizen’s Income).

Universal Basic Income would provide financial security for all, so that everyone has the resources they need to fulfil their potential. We urge others to express support for the principle of a Basic Income with the aim of making it an issue in the next General Election. Basic Income is a regular payment made to every individual, not means tested, non-withdrawable and without work conditions. It would :    

  • Guarantee everyone a secure base which ensures that work always pays    
  • Replace the complex benefits system with a scheme fit for the 21st century
  • Provide us all, including people who need extra income related to sickness, disability and housing, with the freedom to develop and contribute our talents, and the dignity we all deserve.

With your support we can press politicians to back this idea and make it a key campaign issue at the next General election.

If you agree with us please endorse the above statement and we would also love to hear why you support a basic income.


Who's endorsing

penny garner
Jamil Omar
Hilary Thorpe
Bryn Gerard
Mark Barrett
sheila Bentley
Nigel Williams
Sarah Sanford
toni meredew
Paul Warren
Alastair Malcolm
Katherine Brennan
Janice Taylor
andy smart
Jax Blunt
Justin Chaloner
Mirjam S
Neil Parky
Devyn Glass
Simon Barrow Ekklesia
Linda Moylan
Scott Dixon
Sarah Nicholson
Joe Green
James Crosby
Tracy McGaughey
Donald Cross
Joanne Williams
Lee_milne@outlook.com Milne
1,683 endorsements
5,000 endorsements

Will you endorse?

  • penny garner
    endorsed 2019-03-06 23:33:01 +0000
    Research suggests a basic income would improve health, reduce poverty and streamline a complex and costly welfare state. It also suggests that it would not discourage people from working and my own experience working with people enforces this.
  • Jamil Omar
    endorsed 2019-03-06 23:18:15 +0000
  • Hilary Thorpe
    endorsed 2019-03-06 21:43:17 +0000
    I think it will make for a happier nation….
  • Bryn Gerard
    endorsed 2019-03-06 21:42:42 +0000
    It is a vital step in bringing poverty to an end.
  • Mark Barrett
    endorsed 2019-03-06 21:28:42 +0000
  • sheila Bentley
    endorsed 2019-03-06 21:19:44 +0000
    i believe it will improve peoples lives
  • Nigel Williams
    endorsed 2019-03-06 20:47:13 +0000
  • Sarah Sanford
    endorsed 2019-03-06 17:46:27 +0000
  • toni meredew
    endorsed 2019-03-06 17:38:19 +0000
  • Paul Warren
    endorsed 2019-03-06 16:04:35 +0000
    Simplicity, fairness, predictability, support for freelancers and independents
  • Alastair Malcolm
    endorsed 2019-03-06 15:49:02 +0000
    Fairness and less inequality
  • Katherine Brennan
    endorsed 2019-03-06 15:00:56 +0000
    Basic income is a really interesting idea. Something like this should be worked out. There should be a way of making sure basic human needs are met. Why not discuss it?
  • Janice Taylor
    endorsed via 2019-03-06 14:16:58 +0000
    I think the world of work is changing and we need a radically different approach. Also see the reduction in social mobility.
  • andy smart
    endorsed 2019-03-06 12:28:02 +0000
    best solution to poverty in this country and others..
  • Jax Blunt
    @liveotherwise tweeted link to this page. 2019-03-06 08:45:00 +0000
    I'm endorsing Basic Income UK's statement. Please join me! https://www.basicincome.org.uk/?recruiter_id=10283
  • Jax Blunt
    endorsed 2019-03-06 08:44:45 +0000
    I believe it will reduce crime and illness, increase education levels and equality and lead to a more balanced and creative society.
  • Justin Chaloner
    endorsed via 2019-03-06 08:20:29 +0000
  • Mirjam S
    endorsed via 2019-03-06 07:42:10 +0000
  • Neil Parky
    endorsed via 2019-03-06 05:36:38 +0000
  • Devyn Glass
    endorsed via 2019-03-06 04:36:47 +0000
  • Simon Barrow
    Ekklesia endorsed 2019-03-05 22:45:51 +0000
    A decent citizens’ income can help tackle poverty, relieve debt, reduce anxiety, release creativity, liberate carers, strengthen local economies, and create a foundation for addressing the challenges of AI, robotification and systemic inequality. Its implementation, financing and structure must pay particular attention to the concerns and needs of disabled and sick people.
  • Linda Moylan
    endorsed 2019-03-05 22:27:41 +0000
  • Scott Dixon
    endorsed via 2019-03-05 21:49:13 +0000
    It could provide a level of dignity across the board of society so people can use their time to appreciate their lives, instead of feeling like beggars
  • Sarah Nicholson
    endorsed 2019-03-05 20:08:28 +0000
    Things need to change for the better ASAP and this would be the answer, Universal credit needs to be scrapped as it clearly isn’t working.
  • Joe Green
    endorsed 2019-03-05 17:06:33 +0000
  • James Crosby
    endorsed 2019-03-05 15:36:23 +0000
  • Tracy McGaughey
    endorsed 2019-03-05 10:30:00 +0000
    I work 2 jobs, one of which is as a self-employed courier. Which a guaranteed income each week I would not struggle if I had to take time off due to illness etc
  • Donald Cross
    endorsed 2019-03-05 10:26:57 +0000
    My company hasn’t given pay rises for the 7years of my being there and all incentives/ bonus schemes have never materialised. Being 55 yrs old and finding it difficult to change jobs / career this would seriously help towards the cost of inflation over the last 7 years.
  • Joanne Williams
    endorsed 2019-03-05 10:21:52 +0000
    Im unable to work in the winter months due to M.E/Chronic fatigue syndrome so cant get a job. My husbands a self employed builder and works all hours. Im not entitled to benefits as in the summer months im fine but we still struggle to live. This would be an unbelievable help for us and after never voting in my life(im 40 in may) i would vote for this!!
  • Lee_milne@outlook.com Milne
    endorsed 2019-03-05 01:00:35 +0000
    Everyone treated fairly

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