Green Party proposes basic income model in Pre-Budget submission


The Irish Green Party has included a basic income into its pre-budget submission!

This article was originally published on Ireland’s Green Party website.

And provides for an additional half a billion new capital investment plan.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said today.   “We need to use this budget as a chance to deliver real reform in our public services.   Our budget relies primarly on new revenues because the Employment Control Framework the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform operates makes it almost impossible for Departments to save money without directly cutting essential public services.”

“We believe this budget should provide the first phase in the move towards a basic income system.  This would do more than anything else to get people out of the social welfare traps that exist and to value the massive amount of voluntary and caring work that goes on in our society.”

“We have also provided for a new investment plan in vital energy, transport and housing infrastructure.  We would also use €200 million of the dividend that the Government is planning to take off the ESB and plough it back into the company as an equity share in a bold new Broadband plan.  The IMF have rightly criticised the Government for making larger cuts in the Capital Budget than was in the original four year plan.  We need to reverse that mistake and investment in these ready to go projects would be the right start.”

Green party Finance Spokesperson Mark Deary said. ‘None of the measures that we are proposing are easy but we have tried to make sure they help reform our economy and that they are targeted at those who can afford to pay more.”

“In the first instance we think we can raise the revenues from the International Finance sector and from the Multinational Corporations who are currently only paying as low as 2% effective Corporate tax rates.  Our Government has been defending the indefensible in not committing to end the ‘Double Irish’ corporate tax breaks and in refusing to join other European countries in implementing the Financial Transaction Tax. They need to change tack in this budget.”

“The other main revenue raising measures relate to changing the tax breaks on Pensions and VAT and Carbon Tax rates which have already been signaled by Michael Noonan.   One further measure we would introduce is to reverse some of the tax breaks that Charlie McCreevey introduced to support investment in rental properties.  We need to learn lessons from the boom so that the same bubble never builds up again.”

“Finally we are  proposing a rebate system for farmers using diesel which can bring some once off savings.  As a politician representing people in the border area I have seen the cost in lost lives rising crime and pollution from diesel laundering. That would be stopped straight away by this one tax reform. It is one we should make without any further delay.”

Photo Courtesy of The Green Party of Ireland

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