Happiness is Coca Cola apparently


You do not need to adjust your computers. The following video is not parody. It comes straight from the black soul of capitalism without filter or irony.

This video is Coca-Cola spreading the message that they care for the workers they have systematically exploited – and murdered with para-military assistance – across the Majoritarian World. Not only the workers but, ironically enough, probably some of the places the workers are calling back home to have also not been left unscathed by the claws of coca-cola. In India, for instance, Coca Cola have been sued by the Kerala state government for having caused widespread environmental damage.

Not to mention the fact that it is basically 8 teaspoons of sugar mixed with other shi* no right-thinking person should put down their drain let along their throats.

If we do not want battalions of conscience laundering psychopaths dishing out to people as gifts what should be theirs by rights, change has to be made in the very understanding of what we are owed and by whom. The idea that corporations are there so that the most vulnerable can be empowered and enabled to fulfill their deep human need for relationships and purpose is revealed here for what it truly is: a marketing ploy aimed at duping and stifling, for getting us on board with something directly opposed to our most fundamental interests. The ability of corporations like Coca-cola to avoid paying the tax that could truly transform people’s lives is something left unmentioned when their philanthropic business practices are being lauded to the rafters. These are not the guardians of anyone’s welfare but their own.

Basic income is that by which corporate largesse becomes unnecessary, and we are made our brother’s and sister’s keepers… whether we like it or not.

Postscript: This seems to be part of a more general trend. It seems advertising is getting sloppy, unable to cover up the cynical muck of its own workings, losing the finesse of suggestibility and the ability to exploit gullibility (one hopes!). Check out this post from Mark Engler on a bizarre Cadillac advert playing in the states. Are people buying this kind of trash?

Photo courtesy of vgm8383

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