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The Basic Income movement is all about building support at the grassroots level. if you would like to work with people in your area, or are interested in what other groups are doing, here is a list of current groups and accounts in the UK. Some do not have websites but you can get in touch with them via social media.

Citizens Basic Income Trust - The oldest group in the UK, CBIT is an educational charity founded in 1986. They have many resources including reviews of related books, reports and schemes for implementing UBI.

UBI Lab Network - Affiliated to Basic Income UK, UBILab Network has some great resources for setting up your own group.

Basic Income Conversation - Run out of think-tank Compass, it has been leading on the lobbying of Parliament and has been collecting stories about what difference UBI would make. They have published their conversation toolkit you can use with family, friends and groups large and small.

Basic Income Network Scotland - An educational charity set up in 2017, CBINS has been involved with the Scottish pilot feasibility study, due out in June 2020.

Basic Income Wales

Basic Income Northern Ireland

Smaller Local groups

Full list of UBI Labs

Basic Income South East

Southend Basic Income

Basic Income Cardiff

Basic Income West Midlands

Affinity groups:

BI UK Trade Unionists 

International Organisations (Basic Income Earth Network affiliates)


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