Ten Reasons to Support Basic Income

1) Basic Income will help us rethink how & why we work

A basic income can help you do other work and reconsider old choices: It will enable you to retrain, safe in the knowledge that you’ll have enough money to maintain a decent standard of living while you do. It will therefore help each of us to decide what it is we truly want to do.

2) Basic Income will contribute to better working conditions

With the insurance of having unconditional basic income as a safety net, workers can challenge their employers if they find their conditions of work unfair or degrading.

3) Basic Income will downsize bureaucracy

Because a basic income scheme is one of the most simple tax / benefits models, it will reduce all the bureaucracy surrounding the welfare state thus making it less complex and costly, while being fairer and more emancipatory.

4) Basic income will make benefit fraud obsolete

As an extension of (3), benefit fraud will vanish as a possibility because no one needs to commit fraud to get a basic income: it is granted automatically. Moreover, an unconditional basic income will fix the threshold and poverty trap effects induced by the current means-tested schemes.

5) Basic income will help reducing inequalities

A basic income is also a means for sharing out the wealth produced by a society to all people thereby reducing the growing inequalities across the world.

6) It will provide a more secure and substantial safety net for all people

Most existing means-tested anti-poverty schemes exclude people because of their complexity, or because people don’t even know how to apply or whether they qualify. With a basic income, people currently excluded from benefit allowances will automatically have their rights guaranteed.

7) Basic Income will contribute to less working hours and better distribution of jobs

With a basic income, people will have the option to reduce their working hours without sacrificing their income. They will therefore be able to spend more time doing other things they find meaningful. At the macroeconomic level, this will induce a better distribution of jobs because people reducing their hours will increase the jobs opportunities for those currently excluded from the labor market.

8) Basic Income will reward unpaid contributions

A huge number of unpaid activities are currently not recognized as economic contributions. Yet, our economy increasingly relies on these free contributions (think about wikipedia as well as the work parents do). A Basic Income would recognise and reward theses activities.

9) Basic Income will strengthen our Democracy

With a minimum level of security guaranteed to all citizens and less time in work or worrying about work, innovation in political, social, economic and technological terms would be a made more lively part of everyday life and its concerns.

10) Basic Income is a fair redistribution of technological advancement

Thanks to massive advancements in our technological and productive capacities the world of work is changing. Yet most of our wealth and technology is as a consequence of our ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’: We are wealthier not as a result of our own efforts and merits but those of our ancestors. Basic income is a way to civilize and redistribute the advantages of that on-going advancement.

and one more….

11) Basic Income will end extreme financial poverty

Because we live in a world where we have the means (and one hopes, the will) to end the kinds of suffering we see as a supposedly constant feature of our surroundings. Basic income is a way to join together the means and the will.

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  • David Dollywoods
    followed this page 2018-03-11 20:34:19 +0000
  • William Kendall
    commented 2018-02-21 12:56:53 +0000
    With the rise of Blockchain technology, AI and Automation, the next 15-20 years are going to bring about more unemployment and redundancy in many working sectors, than has ever been seen before…this could have long term positive results but short term problematic effects.

    This will bring about a lot of changes in the way everyday people appreciate having worthy tasks within their lives – a purpose, a meaning. With the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Bernie Sanders all proponents of a universal basic income (UBI) model – Jeremy Corbyn may even be looking to introduce the idea of a ‘Robot Tax’ so companies don’t take all the gains from these technical improvements.

    If you would like to have an idea if your job is replaceable one day, a Job Automation Index was created by Oxford University to show how likely it is that your working sector could succumb to AI and Automation you can see this Index below:-


    Further to this, Right now in January 2017, the Nordic nation began paying a random but mandatory sample of 2,000 unemployed people aged 25 to 58 a monthly €560 (£475). There is no obligation either to seek or accept employment during the two years the trial lasts, and any who do take a job will continue to receive the same amount.

    So the tests are already starting, and I expect this will be a scheme looked to be rolled out across the westernized world to tackle the inevitable bleak futures some may be facing and help certain working sectors adapt to a new world where AI, automation and Blockchain technology carries out faster more efficient work as society moves onto a a new era.

    One idea that has also been set up is a project called SWIFT DEMAND; an attempt at basic income – which will start off as a sign up service, centralized on a website but will quickly move to a Crypto-Currency over time and become a de-centralized Blockchain, meaning no Government, Company or Entity owns it or can shut it down.

    You can sign up with the link below, (which will give me a referral of 500 Swift) But then you can start collecting 100 swifts credits each and every day – by just logging in and ‘claiming’ the credits (to prove you’re an active, real person, not a bot). and these will eventually be transferred at a 1:1 ratio onto a Blockchain – which is when the next phase of project starts with instant, international payment, built in security and free for everyone to claim and use at their own will.

    And the best thing is, no additional swifts can be created or bought, so this does away with the 1% idea of a few investors with lots of money buying up a large portion of the new market… the only way you can earn more is by spreading the word to get this platform some exposure (500 Swift referral, which is 5 days of credits) and eventually with more users it gains more legitimacy.

    At the moment, it has no real $,£,€ value, but this may change overtime.. and you can already purchase services with your free credits on the Swift Demand Store.

    So, if you’re interested in trialing and being part of a Universal Basic Income Project, (completely free of charge), why not sign up below and be part of the next evolution of society and then spread the word over Facebook, Twitter and social media for others to sign up to your own referrals.

    (Feel free to share this post with your own referral if you wish.)

    Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the project/idea of Universal Basic Income (UBI).

  • Belinda Otterson
    commented 2018-02-20 19:05:05 +0000
    This is something desparately needed. Most people are miserable having to work the AMOUNT of time they do just for a low wage. If we can reduce this via basic income and fewer hours required, the world would be a happier place.

    Economies are a complex living breathing thing, but this CAN be made to work. The difference between now and before, for those yelling that “this all has to be paid for” and they don’t want to pay for it out of there pocket, is the fact that technology will be our worker bees to provide food and power on a much larger scale. AI is coming faster than you think. What once took 100 people to produce, is now produced by one person and a machine or two.

    The only thing that must be figured out is to allow two systems to operate. The one that people intelligent enough to understand can have, and the others who hate change. They can stay in their limited intellectual view of what the world can be . Then we can prove the new system works without a huge battle at every turn. Two systems operating within one country or indeed the world.

    Figure this out and we launch this system a whole lot faster!
  • Maxine Bithell
    commented 2017-05-21 08:11:38 +0100
    It’ll never happen, because it would mean more choice and autonomy for everyone…and Governments don’t like that for us minions…they want us to be scared, obedient robots
  • Redcountessa
    commented 2017-04-18 09:38:40 +0100
    I agree. Can’t understand why this idea isn’t catching fire. It would make so many anomalies in the Welfare system and tax system just fade away and give people so many more life opportunities as well as acknowledging everyone’s equal status as a citizen!
  • Michael Power
    followed this page 2017-02-04 14:13:39 +0000
  • Merk Fin
    commented 2017-01-04 19:09:25 +0000
    Free market with multiple interventions is a reference to regulation which is very much the role of the government. Each industry is expected to be organized and regulated with help from the government. Confidential tax credits for drug free working families are also a big trend right now which you might want to look into. Low income people are not alieninted from anything but how and why they have money from the private sector varies from supports, to education, health care, disability insurance, tax refund, addiction? short term help etc. It is very complicated and this is lazy. I am not much of a debater but l will try to get a real conversation going. Again, the biggest challenge is the transfer of wealth to all criminals, drug and gangs which could ultimately lead to higher addiction and crime rates.Peace out…
  • Merk Fin
    commented 2017-01-04 17:22:27 +0000
    Dear UK please think about explaining things to East…
    Two tier does not exist. This is from Communism which does not exsit, that was very complicated, but essentially a result of major technological change. A level of equallity comes from shipping and the movement of goods which is what the middle east was onced focused on and that was a very difficult job. There is still a level of equally at Dhl and Fedex as well as the millitary. Now We have markets, complex economy and society with diversified economies. Social housing zones would be a local market housing initiative. There are also regional, national and international markets. Money is expected to stay in the industries as that is what pays for everything and when people are paid via employment value is gain vs lost value in welfare . Industries pay the government for services and that does not include a mass redistributions of wealth without services. That is completely irresponsible.
    There is a hierarchy in society for organization, effeciancy and effectiveness. Brian, the USA and Russia while still growing and cetainly the Federation is something new are at the Top. You need to work to accept hierarchies. How do you make a car? It involves mining and ruber trees, plants and engineering – It’s complicated so there is a hierarchy. It’s 10 Tier and that is what works. How do you build a building? How do you run a hospital? When you have levels in industry, you also have levels in society and government.

    The UK is a tough economy, life is hard and focused on productivity – it’s not for everybody. You may be trying to simplify things like insurance because it is too complex, but in order to understand insurance you need to study insurance. Don’t try to simplify things or create more dependence on the government. Every social program has a value. If there are gaps in the system it is important to Streamline services. That requires a proper Public Administration degree. Please be qualified for the work you do, educate yourself away from communism and be respectful of diverse economies. Or, there is always South America. Many Sultan’s, many Employers. Obviously this is just a post. Take a business course if you want to know more.
  • Merk Fin
    commented 2017-01-03 22:36:12 +0000
    Rent subsidies, grocery discounts, food banks, grocery public tabs, social housing projects and zones, work placements supported by government, free oppertunies for skill and trade development, school lunches and morning snacks these and lots more are all safe, effective ways to help people. They should be expected to work towards and achieve economic independence away from the government. (Europe has many Sultsans -pick one and work for them. )
  • Merk Fin
    commented 2017-01-03 20:38:46 +0000
    The problem with basic income is some people who are not independent from the government have problems managing money or with additicts. These kinds of wealth redistributions give these people more money for drugs than normal. It’s essentially a redistributions of wealth from private sector industries which could be used to grow profits grow, the economy, to drug dealers. This has been going on in some of countries and sure enough crime rates are going up and then some. Also if and when people receive help from government that is confidential to keep them safe. When drug dealers know people have money they could potentially target them and as such min income is a threat to public safety. Finland and Portugal have a million problems and they could solve them by working more and developing their skills but do things like this instead. The UK should know better. Say no to min income. Give people housing, food and clothes directly.
  • David Brittain
    commented 2016-11-11 16:40:20 +0000
    It’s an interesting idea but a pipe dream. Where is the billions going to come from to pay for it? And if it was ever introduced, the system would soon be abused by those that would seek to take advantage of it and sit idly by while others actually do the work to pay for it. I see nothing on this website that explains exactly how it would work, just how great it would be. The essence of Socialist utopian thinking that I have been hearing and dismissing for decades, I’m afraid.

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