How do you think basic income should be promoted?

Do you have any ideas about how we can promote basic income in the UK?

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Writing letters/radio phone in shows

A quick easy, cheap way to raise awareness from your own home is to write in to newspapers or phone into radio discussion shows, not only when the topic is about basic income but anything else to do with income insecurity and the harmful effects of it. There are usually 3 or 4 stories per day that you could potentially put a basic income angle on.

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Car stickers!

We have one big UBI sticker on the back of our van, but the campaign should get a load of small car window stickers made. Cheap, effective, free advertising that will be seen by frustrated workers sitting in traffic jams. A good time to stimulate thinking...

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Basic Income CAN be seen as a Libertarian Principle

A possible scenario to fund UBI would be to have incremental charges on the NHS, Education and other public services. This can be seen as a way of the individual having more choice but also raising money for important services.

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A Basic Income increases the GDP of a country

Poor people will have more money to spend, thus increasing GDP

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