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BIG will help save the failing High Street

We have recently seen 11,000 retail jobs lost on the High Street when BHS closed its doors. Although it is coming back albeit on-line, in an Amazon style model, it may only employ 100 staff to do so. Thus, at a stroke, over 10,000 mainly retail staff with impeccable skills will be dumped on a jobs market that is declining by the day. Many retail vacancies are now hours optimised, so that staff are not standing around, but on-site at key times of customer spend. This is an example of 'lean' management practice, other facets include employing the least cost option staff, staffing at barely proportionate levels and not filling jobs, merely lumping job responsibilities on existing staff. So how would BIG help the High Street? With 15 shops a day closing on the High Streets of Britain, BIG would mean that people would be able to go out into the High Street during the day, which might lead to more jobs created due to more sales. With more money about, this would filter into the economy helping national wealth. What is not to like? Is it not obvious that BIG is the way forward and may have the additional benefit of helping save a failing retail model? BHS will not be the last casualty. Mark Carney, Bank of England Chief predicts 15 million jobs may be lost to automation, finally someone in authority is waking up. Organisations like HMRC are ripe for mass automation, as is the old Dinosaur the DWP. We must start to implement this system without fail.

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Combining Basic Income with Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Here is a short article on Universal Basic Income and Article 25 (Declaration of Human Rights), with a strategy on how we could bring both of them into being, by uniting the people of the world and end poverty once and for all:

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A Basic Income increases the GDP of a country

Poor people will have more money to spend, thus increasing GDP

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Basic Income is an Investment

A UBI is expensive to fund, but it should be seen as an investment as ending poverty and it's knock on effects reduces crime rates and costs of healthcare etc. More people will have the time to do jobs they are interested in making the economy more productive in the long run.

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Basic Income CAN be seen as a Libertarian Principle

A possible scenario to fund UBI would be to have incremental charges on the NHS, Education and other public services. This can be seen as a way of the individual having more choice but also raising money for important services.

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A Basic Income MUST arrive with a sea of Tax changes and new budget priorities

In order to realistically fund a UBI we would have to copy a Swedish style tax system with new taxes, such as taxes made from legalising common drugs and a mansion tax. Scrapping the Monarchy and Trident would also free up funds necessary.

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