How do you think basic income should be promoted?

Do you have any ideas about how we can promote basic income in the UK?

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Health organising

Basic income would support people to have better health. This has been recognised by the Canadian Medical Association. We could seek the UK equivalent organisations such as the BMA, the RCN to take a similar stance. Conferences on health inequalities are good places to network and seek to build support from healthcare workers and professionals.

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Sports challenges

Basic income would support people to devote more time to sporting activities. I ran in the Birmingham half marathon + instead of asking people to donate money to charity, I asked them to sponsor me a conversation with somebody they know about basic income. This is a good way to raise awareness through word of mouth + anyone can take part without the requirement to spend any money. Studies have shown that the more people are aware of what basic income is, the more their support increases for the idea. You then also get to run the race/do the event in a basic income t-shirt. I had another idea about rowing the distance of the English Channel for the same purpose but haven't done that yet.

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Education organising

Basic income would support many more people into education, so it would be a good tactic to seek to build an alliance between educators and students (of all levels of education - school, further, higher) and their families in support of basic income.

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Faith organising

Malcolm Torry has a new book coming out called Basic Income: A Christian social policy. In Birmingham we are planning to host a launch meeting for his book. We will invite all the Christians and other interested people of faith (or no faith) that we know. We will choose a prominent faith venue to hold it in. This will help to move the discussion into new circles who are already concerned about poverty but usually focus on charity as a solution. The same approach could be taken with other faiths, all of which could in theory claim an interest - eg. Buddhists for its compassionate reduction of suffering, Sikhs for the universality of the policy.

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Trade union organising

We have passed motions within UNISON West Midlands region to look into basic income, and there are supporters in other regions too. Unite and GMB have recently voted at their national conferences to campaign for basic income. If you are a union member and want a speaker about UBI to come and visit your branch, please contact Basic Income UK.

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Car stickers!

We have one big UBI sticker on the back of our van, but the campaign should get a load of small car window stickers made. Cheap, effective, free advertising that will be seen by frustrated workers sitting in traffic jams. A good time to stimulate thinking...

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What we're doing in the West Midlands

We are holding stalls at community events and asking people what they think of the idea of a liveable basic income. We are using Basic Income UK's statement. We get them to vote 'yes/no' if they agree with the idea in a ball poll which gives a nice visual. Then if they are up for it we get them to pose for a photo holding a sign saying what they would do if they had a basic income. Usually they leave us their contact info and we've now got a couple of hundred local people's details. We plan to hold get-togethers where there is a cluster and if there is an appetite we can approach the local MP for the area. We have had ideas about something more stunt-like for the city centre but haven't done it yet.

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